My Ideal

A Coaching Conversation to Create a Life Aligned With Eternal Purpose.

A conversation framed by powerful coaching questions, constructed to help you align your life with eternal purpose.

Live Aligned with Eternal Purpose! 

Set your sights on living your ideal life, a life even more aligned with eternal purpose in 2015 with the My Ideal Ebook!

  • The newly formatted and fully interactive Ebook containing six steps to propel you into your ideal life.
  • An invitation to join the private Live Aligned Facebook group.
  • Use the Ebook as a small group process or workshop for women (a great way to start the year).
  • Connect with like hearted women through this exclusive online community.

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Tracy Lilley

"I am an author, speaker and coach. I help passionate but overwhelmed women regain clarity about what is really important to them, so they can live fully alive and aligned with their eternal purpose now, and take bold confident steps into their future"

This book is more than steps to self-actualisation or self-leadership.

The My Ideal journey is about assuming responsibility for the life we have been gifted, for all that we personally have to contribute to the planet and then doing all we can to align our lives accordingly.

This editable and fully interactive Ebook uses powerful coaching questions and unpacks topics like:

  1. Identifying your truest self through your core values
  2. Crafting a clear and compelling personal vision
  3. Aligning your life with your eternal purpose
  4. The impact of your beliefs on your day to day life
  5. The power that comes from relationships that sharpen us
  6. How to cultivate a mindset that will set you up for success

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Your Internal Compass

    Discover what is truly important to you. What you must experience consistently to live fully alive and even more importantly the woman you must become to realise your ideals!

  • Your Compelling Why

    Have you ever wondered ‘what is my purpose on this planet’? My Ideal presents a series of powerful coaching questions that act as a Purpose Audit, helping you identify your eternal purpose and align your personal beliefs and life choices accordingly.

  • Your Key Influencers

    Explore your key influencers. Identify how the key influences you have in your life are influencing your everyday decisions. Set yourself up for success by having the best relationships alongside for the journey and cultivating an empowered mindset!

My Ideal is one of the clearest and freshest and most confronting resources on values and vision that I have ever read!

Ps Vanessa Hoyes
Ps Vanessa Hoyes Resurgent Church [Montreal, Canada]

Over the past year or so, my life has taken on more focus on who I was created to be, which has given me courage, joy and peace. Thank you, Tracy for giving me the framework to discover my ideal life. Your insight and thought provoking questions have inspired me to dig deep into my purpose and have revealed the values that are now guiding my life. The process has been incredibly freeing and totally fun!

Ps Darlene Partin
Ps Darlene Partin Shoreline Church [Destin, Florida USA]
Buy Now For Only $15 AU

Your Ebook will be available for instant download after payment

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About My Ideal Ebook

I really loved the challenge of the content that My Ideal gave me with the tools to discover what my top core values are and the answer to the question of my heart: 'What is my purpose on this planet?' Realising this has given me a greater sense of clarity, confidence and strength in my everyday decision-making and has influenced me in making a major life decision for my family and I that has us walking in the direction that God has for our lives. I can highly recommend My Ideal as an amazing tool for realigning your life to live it on purpose!

Anouschka Blake
Anouschka Blake Wife, Mother & Minister [Cairns, Australia]

This is such a brilliant book and I'm privileged to be accessing it at this time. It is a wonderful, practical resource for the Christian woman who is serious about living out her God-given purpose and gifts and needs help executing it. I love the exercises and I love being able to type straight into the fields as I do the exercises. Thank you for listening to the God whisper that got you started on this

Serena Tan
Serena Tan Agnosco Training and Coaching [Melbourne, Australia]

I want to share a few words with you about the work that you're doing and what it means to me. I was able to do an exercise from your ebook "My Ideal" with a couple of friends for a project. We were able to curate powerful words and see where we intersected and shared common goals for going forward with our project. It was a great exercise that kicked off our partnership giving us a focus and anchor. Words are great tools!

Jennifer Washington
Jennifer Washington Entrepreneur [California, USA]

My Ideal has given me the courage to ask myself some of those ‘hard questions’, it provided me with the tools to find answers and ultimately has started me on the pursuit of living fully awake to who I am and what i’m called to do. I would encourage you to dive into this world of discovering your ideal and living out the life God intended for you.

Emma Larsen
Emma Larsen Leader [Queensland, AU]

The My Ideal Ebook Happiness Guarantee

My commitment to you. Apply the steps, the concepts and the principles included in the My Ideal Ebook. If you are not 100% happy with your personal results please notify me via email, return the PDF download and I will buy the Ebook back from you, full price, on the spot—and I will give you an extra $5 for any inconvenience. Seriously, I want you to be happy with your purchase! There will be no questions asked. And I promise not to take it personally.

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This is a unique and powerful resource, a tool to help you dig deep and discover your deepest desires.

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What do I actually get again?

  1. My Ideal interactive Ebook downloaded instantly
  2. Invitation to a private Facebook group
  3. Permission to use the content with small groups
  4. Connection with a growing, global community of passionate and purpose living women!

What will My Ideal give me?

  1. You will identify your truest self in 5 words
  2. You will write your own personal vision statement
  3. You will explore and express your unique and eternal purpose
  4. You will discover and deconstruct beliefs that limit
  5. You will position purposeful relationships that empower
  6. You will eliminate every excuse for not living fully aligned!

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