The Pineapple Project Online Program

Four purposeful steps to an aligned life!

Content framed by powerful coaching concepts and constructed to help you align your life with eternal purpose.

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Set your sights on living your ideal life, a life even more aligned with eternal purpose

Step 1. 

What are my present and pressing priorities?

Take away the guess work and use a simple coaching tool to easily identify what areas of your life most need your attention.

Step 2. 

What must I achieve in the next 12 months to know I am living aligned?

Create a clear plan that will help you maintain a focus on your present priorities but not neglect living aligned with your eternal purpose.

Step 3. 

What would my ideal week look like?

Take the time to reorder your week in a way that reflects your priorities and activities that keep you living on purpose

Step 4. 

How do I live stress free and remain in divine flow?

Live in divine flow each and every day! Gather your world into one intray and build simple systems that allow you to rest your mind.

What is included in The Pineapple Project?

  1. You have INSTANT access to four instructional videos
  2. You can download the four funky and essential PDF downloads
  3. You have nine bonus PDF downloads
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[PLEASE NOTE] The Pineapple Projects is the perfect next step for My Ideal Ebook OR the Live Aligned Online Program.

Tracy Lilley

"I am an author, speaker and coach. I help passionate but overwhelmed women regain clarity about what is really important to them, so they can live fully alive and aligned with their eternal purpose now, and take bold confident steps into their future"

The Pineapple Project is more than steps to self-actualisation or self-leadership.

The Pineapple Project is about assuming responsibility for the life we have been gifted, for all that we personally have to contribute to the planet and then doing all we can to align our lives accordingly.

based on the highly successful Pineapple Project Workshop this four step process uses powerful coaching concepts and unpacks topics like:

  1. How to translate your ideal life into your day to day reality
  2. The power that comes from prioritising aligned with purpose
  3. How to cultivate practical practices that will set you up for success

The Pineapple Project Package Will Help You To...

  • Define Your Personal Vision

    Define and align with what is truly important to you! You will experience less internal conflict and stress when you have the confidence that your every day decisions are powerfully aligned with your values, your vision and your eternal purpose.

  • Determine Your Priorities

    Order your life aligned with your personal vision and eternal purpose. Take bold confident steps into your future knowing that your direction intersects with His destiny.

  • Design Your Daily Practices

    The key to living aligned is action! Let’s get really practical and carve out a framework that will serve and support you as you live even more aligned with purpose.

Not everyone can be both a great leader and an effective coach. The blend is rare. Tracy is one of the finest leaders I know. She stands in her own voice with such strength, clarity, passion and integrity. She is also, though, a gifted and learned coach. She cares deeply about the well being of everyone she knows. She lives with a conviction about the power of the latent potential in every individual and is as equally convincing in her steps to help people live out their full potential. Its an honour to be on this life-journey with her.

Ps Vanessa Hoyes
Ps Vanessa Hoyes Resurgent Church [Montreal, Canada]

"Over the past year or so, my life has taken on more focus on who I was created to be, which has given me courage, joy and peace. Thank you, Tracy for giving me the framework to discover my ideal life. Your insight and thought provoking questions have inspired me to dig deep into my purpose and have revealed the values that are now guiding my life. The process has been incredibly freeing and totally fun!"

Ps Darlene Partin
Ps Darlene Partin Shoreline Church [Destin, Florida USA]

Check Out What Women Say About The Pineapple Project

I would highly recommend The Pineapple Project to anyone who is after practical tools to discover their dreams and purpose. Tools that help them put a plan of action into place that ensures that they are living according to their 'ideal life'

Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith

I am so glad that I did The Pineapple Project. I would recommend it to women from all walks of life!

Jenni Shaw
Jenni Shaw

Thank you for opening up a new and better world for me! I needed new structures in my life to help me achieve all God has for me in my latter years of my life. The Pineapple Project has given me just what I needed.

Danuta McMillan
Danuta McMillan

I would highly recommend The Pineapple Project to help women unlock their God-given purpose and give them practical tools to outwork that purpose in the days and weeks!

Jasmin Mancer
Jasmin Mancer

I recommend women who are confused and uncertain with their life purpose to participate in The Pineapple Project. I honestly didn't know my life values, what I really wanted and how to live these out every day. But after The Pineapple Project I feel more independent and can focus on what makes me happy.

Trifena Bangun
Trifena Bangun

The Pineapple Project Happiness Guarantee

My commitment to you. Apply the steps, the concepts and the principles included in The Pineapple Project. If you are not 100% happy with your personal results please notify me via email, return the templates and I will give your registration back from you, full price, on the spot—and I will give you an extra $5 for any inconvenience. Seriously, I want you to be happy with your investment! There will be no questions asked. And I promise not to take it personally.

Discover your divine flow and live aligned with your eternal purpose!

What will The Pineapple Project give me?

  1. You will identify your most pressing priorities
  2. You will determine your 12 month vision, 6 month goals and 90 day projects
  3. You will gather your life into one idea, one in-tray and one theme
  4. You will design your ideal week 
  5. You will move your real life closer to your ideal life!

What is included in The Pineapple Project?

  1. You have INSTANT access to four instructional videos
  2. You can download the four funky and essential PDF downloads
  3. You have nine bonus PDF downloads

Tracy has a magnetic quality that only true relationship with God brings to the human heart, she is one of the best 'thinkers' I know, but don't be fooled she is far from a theorist! She is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ who lives out each day in each circumstance, with the same vigor and passion that she desires for your life. Many people have offered to be a mentor and coach, and seriously, there are very few that actually can or do. Tracey is one of those few.

Ps Jane Evans
Ps Jane Evans Influencers Church [USA & Australia]

Buy The Pineapple Project $27 AUD

[PLEASE NOTE] The Pineapple Projects is the perfect next step for My Ideal Ebook or Live Aligned