• Do you live with a sneaking suspicion that there is something more?

    Would it surprise you to know that most women spend more time planning their next holiday or a birthday for someone special, than they do planning their life? Rarely do women intentionally focus on what they would love to experience in their life and the woman they would love to become. At some point we all reach a cross-road where we are challenged to go beyond our present experience of life and press into the exceedingly abundant life that the Bible promises us.

     Do you...

    • Feel disconnected from purpose, passion and meaning?
    • Struggle to give clear expression to what is truly important to you?
    • Stress because you feel like at some level something is wrong?
    • Prioritise poorly and often feel conflicted?
    • Worry that you are not in control of the direction of your life, your career or your ministry?
  • What is eCoaching?

    eCoaching is life coaching online. A Life Coach is someone who 'helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems' My unique focus is working with women to help them create a life aligned with their divine and eternal purpose.

    Coaching with me will work for you if

    • You want to take action, you're just not quite sure what action to take
    • You're prepared to take responsibility for the results you're getting in your life
    • You are committed to the journey but don't take yourself too seriously
    • You really want to be the person you know you were created to be
    • You truly desire to live a life aligned with purpose

    Coaching with me may not be for you if

    • Your doctor recommends counselling or psychiatric help
    • You see yourself as a victim in life
    • You want to talk but don't want to take action
    • You are unprepared to be challenged and held accountable to your committments
    • You are looking for the 'soft option' pressing into purpose is not hard, but it can be hard work! 

    What is it you want to achieve from Life Coaching?  

    Perhaps you'd like less of these:

    • Stress and Worry?
    • Overwhelm and out of control?
    • Feeling stuck and Indecisive?
    • Frustrated and purposeless?
    • Feeling crappy when you think about the life you know you could be living and the difference you could be making? 

    And more of these:

    • To live aligned with divine purpose?
    • To experience life fully alive?
    • To find clarity around what really matters to you?
    • To connect with yourself and your God deeply?
    • To feel more confident in making decisions?
    • To make progress with a goal or long held dream?

    Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if you seriously dug deep and explored what is really important to you and how that aligns with your intrinsic purpose? That's the big picture, eternal stuff, but when you get down to specifics, there will be particular areas where you want to see the change. Maybe in your health, in your environment, in your productivity, in your relationships, or in how you feel emotionally.  

    My role in the coaching relationship is to use all the tools available to me to assist you to align yourself with yourself, your ideal life and your eternal purpose.

    Coaching will involve an investment of your time as well as a financial one, and making that decision means a commitment to change for the better, just as if you were hiring a Personal Trainer for your health and fitness.

  • One on one eCoaching may be the perfect catalyst for you!

    • Are you committed to bring change to your world?
    • Are you ready to take the steps required to explore and discover your eternal purpose today?
    • Would you love to start that process now?
    • Maybe you want to work through the same process as the eProgram, but at your own pace?
    • Perhaps you have a specific issue that you would love to focus on?

    Where the eProgram is a coaching process and operates online, eCoaching can be scheduled at any time and operates via Skype or Citrixonline. Why not check out the eCoaching options to find one that suits you!

    Check it out

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