• I am an author, speaker and coach. I help passionate but overwhelmed women regain clarity about what is really important to them, so they can live fully alive and aligned with their eternal purpose now, and take bold confident steps into their future
  • Desire, both the whispers and the shouts, is the map we have been given to find the only life worth living. JOHN ELDREDGE from his book Journey to Desire
  • The Mandatory 'About Me'

    These are the whispers, the shouts and something of the way I see my world. I am a woman, wife to the amazing artist Chris Lilley, mother to the creative heart, Asher Lee Lilley and the precious, innocent Eden Sharai Lilley.

    I am a friend to many and a confidant to a few. I love seeing women rise to realise their potential and live their ideal life. I live to challenge them to move past anything real or imagined that would limit that potential.

    Fundamentally, my belief is that people are too amazing to live mediocre lives and life is too precious to not live 'fully alive'. For me this is more than mere self-actualisation or self-leadership. For me this is about assuming responsibility for the ideal life and eternal purpose that we have been gifted. Stewarding well all that we personally have to contribute to the planet. 

    ...He also has planted eternity in [women's] hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy]... 

    Ecclesiastes 3:11 (AMP)


     My quirky, funny, very real and imperfect family on our verandah in Bali.

    Eden, me with Lola Love, Chris and Asher!

  • My Journey

    I love that I was raised in the Northern Territory of Australia, refined slightly in the Southern States and matured in Darwin because, I have learned to embrace diversity and cultivate a pioneering spirit. 

    I am no overnight sensation with over 25 years experience and untold hours of training gaining credibility in my community and the respect of my peers.  I am a qualified Social Worker and have worked in a variety of Not-for-Profits, Government and Non-Government Organisations. You could say that for over 25 years people have been my focus.

    I have also been in leadership roles and ministry for over 20 years and hold an Ordained Ministers Credential with Australian Christian Churches. I have the unique perspective of serving on the leadership team of Hope City Church in Darwin, Northern Territory for over 20 years, under one senior Pastor, Pastor Don Dawson.

    In Bali I count it a genuine privilege to serve on the Paradise Church team under the leadership of Pastors Eka and Englyn Mutty.

  • More recently…

    I made the audacious move with my family from Australia to Indonesia to lay hold of my own 'ideal' life. Now based in beautiful Bali, I continue to press into my eternal purpose, my husband discovers the artist within and my stunning girls continue to grow. 

    I am an accredited and highly experienced life coach and mentor. I specialises in Behavioural Profiling tools including DISC and Workplace Motivators. In Bali I have a Leadership Coaching Consultancy, Eastern Coaching that delivers coaching services in Indonesia. My online presence gives further expression to my two passions; working with women through tracylilley.com; and building leaders through theleadershipicon.com.

    I will always be incredibly passionate about mentoring women who are in leadership positions in life, business, organisations and churches creating a space for them to grow, develop and become potent in all areas of their lives.

  • Ps Jane Evans | Influencers Church Atlanta USA, Adelaide Aus

    From the very first day I met Tracy, many years ago now, I knew she would be a friend for life. Her greatest qualities lie nestled in the fact that she is both an avid learner and a teacher all at the same time. Every conversation I have ever had with her, had several things in common. I didn't want it to end. I always came away challenged to think differently, bigger or smarter on many levels. It was authentic and real conversation.

  • Kara Weir | Business owner, Mother, Volunteer

    Tracy is a woman that cares, one that you crave to be along side you in the this journey. Not only is she a beautiful friend, she is a voice that I always hear that cheers me on.
    I have been mentored by Tracy for the last 7 years, have had the privilege to sit in on many webinars, courses, lectures and teachings, and I know that it is because of her sharing her wisdom, insight, truth and love that I am on the right journey to become a woman living a life of purpose, the ideal.
    As a wife, mother and business owner Tracy has shown me, by example, that with clarity of vision, taking those small steps and keeping Christ Centre, anything is possible!
  • Ps Kieran Ryan | Husband, Dad, Pastor

    Tracy Lilley leads her life pursuing the real ideal. Her heart and capacity to do so inspires and encourages others, particularly women, to do the same. It is contagious.
    Tracy doesn't just talk about it, she lives it.  The wife, mother of two, pastor and business woman has a learnt ability to implement and transform her own life by the principles she teaches others this quality authenticates the integrity, credibility and ingenuity that she carries.
    I believe this is what makes the very thing she teaches attractive. Tracy  not only teaches that you can change, she lives it.
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