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    • Tracy Lilley is the friend that we would all love to have. Her authenticity and wisdom draws you into her world and keeps you there. She is a heart worker, a role model and a mentor to many.

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    • Connect with Tracy today! I love hearing from you and answers all my emails personally. I also accept invitations to speak and run workshop for women.

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    • Ps Vanessa Hoyes | Resurgent Church, Montreal

      "Not everyone can be both a great leader and an effective coach. The blend is rare. Tracy is one of the finest leaders I know. She stands in her own voice with such strength, clarity, passion and integrity. She is also, though, a gifted and learned coach. She cares deeply about the well being of everyone she knows. She lives with a conviction about the power of the latent potential in every individual and is as equally convincing in her steps to help people live out their full potential. Its an honour to be on this life-journey with her"

    • Ps Jane Evans | Influencers Church Atlanta USA, Adelaide Aus

      Tracy has a magnetic quality that only true relationship with God brings to the human heart, she is one of the best 'thinkers' I know, but don't be fooled she is far from a theorist! She is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ who lives out each day in each circumstance, with the same vigor and passion that she desires for your life. Many people have offered to be a mentor and coach, and seriously, there are very few that actually can or do. Tracey is one of those few.

    • Ps Englyn Adu Mutty | Paradise Church, Bali

      I have known Tracy since I was 13 years old. She has the ability to enter any culture and bring life with her beautiful confidence, always representing and introducing Kingdom culture.
      My husband and I are now Senior Pastors of Paradise Church in Bali Indonesia. We are blessed to have Tracy as a part of our Leadership Team. She has the capacity to be my best friend and my leadership coach. She is a keeper for sure!
    • Ps Darlene Partin | Shoreline Church, Destin, Florida

      Over the past year or so, my life has taken on more focus on who I was created to be, which has given me courage, joy and peace. Thank you, Tracy for giving me the framework to discover my ideal life. Your insight and thought provoking questions have inspired me to dig deep into my purpose and have revealed the values that are now guiding my life. The process has been incredibly freeing and totally fun!

    • How to Navigate your Real and Realise your Ideal

      Seriously, I find it is too easy to settle. I often find that my natural default is to take the path of least resistance. To settle for the good, not the best. Settle for comfort not the stretch. Settle for what's real not press into the ideal—the compelling and captivating dream life within

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      7 Warning Signs you may be Experiencing a Values Conflict

      And yet. And yet so often we awake to a life that is smaller than the one we imagined. There is an ever-present and constant tension between the life we desire and the life we are living. We nurse our fractured ideals like a mother nurses a sick child with an unknown illness. What is it? Is it

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      Being your own best friend, expectations and nudity!

      I love my friends! I have many 'best friends' that I love very much. Women that add value to my life by simply being there. The encouragement, affirmation and joy that these women bring to my life is irreplaceable. Relationships built over time, deep-rooted and solid. Others new, fresh and

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      Vision, planning and a compelling 'why'

      I am a busy woman. I am a wife and a mother, a minister and a mentor, a business woman and leader, and I am deeply committed to the people I love. Like you, I negotiate a lot of roles. There are times when I feel like my life is consuming me, as opposed to me consuming my life! I am often asked How

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      Burnout, the 'Stretch' and Form

         I once heard a leader I respect say that "people don't burn out because of what they do, but rather what they don't do" Wayne Alcorn My Hot Yoga instructor explained that there was only one thing more important than your breathing when in a yoga pose—your form. If

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      Michaela Partin and living 'fully alive'

      Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard ThurmanOne of the hardest things about leaving Australia was leaving some of the most amazing people on the planet. One of the most unexpected

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      Fear, Doubts and Dreams

      I have had a lot of people respond to the post doubt is the greatest destroyer of dreams. Doubt is deeply rooted in our fear of being inadequate, insecurity amplifies our feelings of not being enough for the challenge, the change, the choice. Fear defined is a feeling associated with an

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      As a number of you  may now know, I have recently started attending Hot Yoga lessons here in Bali. loosely based on a style of yoga called Bikram Yoga, it is 90 minutes, strenuous and it is HOT [38-40 degrees]! Now I have always loved the idea of yoga. The stretch, the strength, the

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      [Archived on my Iphone since December 15, 2012] I went to JCo. [a popular donut store with free internet access] as I was without internet and needed to connect with the world online. I downloaded my emails, posted photos on Instragram, updated statuses on FB and checked my bank balances. All the

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