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    • Tracy Lilley is the friend that we would all love to have. Her authenticity and wisdom draws you into her world and keeps you there. She is a heart worker, a role model and a mentor to many.

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    • Connect with Tracy today! I love hearing from you and answers all my emails personally. I also accept invitations to speak and run workshop for women.

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    • Ps Vanessa Hoyes | Resurgent Church, Montreal

      "Not everyone can be both a great leader and an effective coach. The blend is rare. Tracy is one of the finest leaders I know. She stands in her own voice with such strength, clarity, passion and integrity. She is also, though, a gifted and learned coach. She cares deeply about the well being of everyone she knows. She lives with a conviction about the power of the latent potential in every individual and is as equally convincing in her steps to help people live out their full potential. Its an honour to be on this life-journey with her"

    • Ps Jane Evans | Influencers Church Atlanta USA, Adelaide Aus

      Tracy has a magnetic quality that only true relationship with God brings to the human heart, she is one of the best 'thinkers' I know, but don't be fooled she is far from a theorist! She is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ who lives out each day in each circumstance, with the same vigor and passion that she desires for your life. Many people have offered to be a mentor and coach, and seriously, there are very few that actually can or do. Tracey is one of those few.

    • Ps Englyn Adu Mutty | Paradise Church, Bali

      I have known Tracy since I was 13 years old. She has the ability to enter any culture and bring life with her beautiful confidence, always representing and introducing Kingdom culture.
      My husband and I are now Senior Pastors of Paradise Church in Bali Indonesia. We are blessed to have Tracy as a part of our Leadership Team. She has the capacity to be my best friend and my leadership coach. She is a keeper for sure!
    • Ps Darlene Partin | Shoreline Church, Destin, Florida

      Over the past year or so, my life has taken on more focus on who I was created to be, which has given me courage, joy and peace. Thank you, Tracy for giving me the framework to discover my ideal life. Your insight and thought provoking questions have inspired me to dig deep into my purpose and have revealed the values that are now guiding my life. The process has been incredibly freeing and totally fun!

    • Nicole Simmons: Some of my Favourite People Series

      I remember the first time I met Nicole as a youth group leader at church. She was no more than thirteen years old and it was her wide smile I noticed first as she jumped into my car for a lift to youth. I loved the way she always ended her sentences with a laugh. Nicole grew up, left school at year

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      What I wish someone had taught me before I was 40

      Around 10 years ago I was reading a book by John Eldridge called The Journey of Desire: searching for the life we only dreamed of and I came across a the quote above and it inspired me, challenged me and frustrated me all at the same time! At the time I was really struggling with my God given

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      Michaela Partin: Some of my Favourite People Series

      Something I have wanted to do for a while, is introduce you to some of my favourite people. This is the Some of my Favourite People series, introducing you to some of the amazing women in my world. Each and every one of them are extraordinary in their own right, wives, mothers, ministers, business

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      What on earth is my purpose?

        activate javascriptI have sat with many women as they have unpacked their life in light of eternity and questioned their purpose on this planet. Inevitably, the women explain that they lack passion and joy in their lives. Their lives may appear full and rich, lacking for nothing and yet

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      6 Faith-Filled Steps to Live Aligned With Eternal Purpose

        activate javascript activate javascriptWhat is my purpose? This is a question that has echoed down through my years working with women. Some times the echo has great power and clarity, more often it is faint and far too fleeting. As we navigated the ever present tension between the life we

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      How to Let go of Busy and Live the Full Life

        activate javascript"I would love to [insert deep desire] but I am too busy", "this week is so crazy" or the quite inward resignation "I can't keep up this pace" are phrases I hear too often. When I hear myself think or say anything remotely like this, it is my cue to step up and choose the

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      Three Shifts When you are Stuck in a Moment

      Our personal beliefs will either serve or sabotage our best efforts to pioneer a potent future. Think of beliefs like a light switch attached our future. Our beliefs empower or disempower our efforts to light up with eternal purpose. When the light switch is off you shuffle around the perimeter of

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      Trouble in Paradise? The 3 Struggles and 3 Strategies

      Even when you are smack bang in the middle of your dream life, there are still struggles. Even when life is saturated with purpose, there is still suff that can sneak and catch you off guard! I have loved the thrill of living in Bali, but it has not all been smooth sailing. There has been struggle,

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      9 Hacks to Keep you on Purpose

      In the swell of expectations it is easy for us to loose sight of what is truly important, our compelling purpose. A lack of clarity, leads to a lack of direction and can sabotage our sense destiny. We can become enamoured with the roles we play as opposed to the call for which we are framed. These

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      Comparison: 3 Costs and 3 Keys

      Comparison can be a killer. I am working on a couple of creative projects that are stretching me way outside of my comfort zone. I got stuck, going round and round in my head, disconnected from my heart. My motivation wained, this is too hard. What do I have to offer in comparison to others who are

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