• Have you ever felt a bit stuck?

    If you are, you are not alone. So many women feel the same way. Committed to the routine of sameness, feeling stuck in a rut and on a road going nowhere fast. Living the fast life but not the full life.

    Trust me, you are not alone.
    You are in very good company. We have all at some point felt same way. You are in the majority, not the minority, despite what you see on Facebook and Instagram!
    In a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware tells us that the number one regret of people confronting the end of their life was…
    I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself,
    not the life others expected of me. 
    Say a quite yes.
    I know I have courage, but reading this book really highlighted for me where I was secretly and quietly saying no instead of yes. Perhaps you are feeling the same way?
    God reminds us that it is Him that directs our steps but it is us that must move our feet in His direction. For me this always comes back to intentionally realigning my life with my eternal purpose and my commitment to live the life that God has created for me. Nothing less.
    My heart is to see every woman living life authentically and unapologetically. Powerfully purposed and deeply contented regardless of her season, her struggles or her situations.
    To help us understand this idea of alignment we can use a model called the Anatomy of Alignment. When we understand the different elements involved in living authentically, we can take simple practical steps to refocus and realign our lives when we get a bit stuck in the mud of mediocre!
    When we don't know who we are and our purpose in life, we are tempted to live aligned with the expectations that others have of us. It is worth the heart efforts to discover for yourself your what, your why and your who.
  • Your What

    We have an eternal DNA that resonates with the Creator's design.

    What sort of life must you experience consistently to know that you are living the life that God created for you? Even more importantly, what sort of woman must you become to experience this life? Easy questions to ask, more challenging to answer.

    Taking the time to discover words that express our eternal essence gives us language to express our priorities and our ideal life. Crafting a personal vision statement that avoids achievements and goals but instead focuses on our experience of life, our contribution and our character creates a picture. This becomes something we can hold before us when the press of life threatens to prize our dreams and desires from our heart. 


  • Your Why 

    We have been created on purpose and for a purpose.

    We have been purpose built. We exist on this planet, born in this generation to serve and steward the call that God has for our life. We are often encouraged to find our purpose in life and yet we so rarely take the time to explore and express our purpose. It becomes too tempting to describe our purpose in terms of roles and positions we hold and yet these change over a lifetime.

    If we take the time to discover the seemingly elusive theme and threads of purpose running through our lives, we can arrive at a definitive statement. This statement can help us translate how we can serve and steward God's call for our life right now, regardless of season.

  • Your Who

    We all exist within a relational context.

    Regardless of how many friends we have, the family we grew up in or our sphere of influence, the health of our relationships is incredibly important if we are to live aligned. It has been said show me your friends and I will show you your future.

    Look at the key relationships around you, do they add value and are they supportive of the changes you know you must make to live aligned and on purpose? If not there may be some tough calls to make. Sometimes it is not who we have around us, it is who we are for ourselves that is the limitation of our shift into alignment. 

    When we get stuck we can now hit pause, reflect, refocus and realign these three central elements. This simple process can quickly jerk us out of our rut and become a powerful catalyst for the changes we know we must make.

    When we align our what and our why and we gain clarity about what is really important to us and are able to prioritise and make every day decisions accordingly.

    When we align our why with our who we calibrate an unshakeable sense of certainty that we can and we will do what ever we must to live aligned with the purposes of God.

    When we align our who with our what we activate a deep commitment to become the woman that has the courage to live a life that is true to her Creators design.

    Living an aligned life amplifies our capacity to authentically connect with the people in our world. They experience us in our truest sense, no fluff. We also experience a congruent connection with ourselves, no longer feeling like a fake.

    This is freedom. Free to be the woman God created you to be.

    I believe in our capacity to live fully alive to our dreams and desires and fully aligned with God's purpose. It is not a contest between the two. They are meant to compliment each other and compel us to live aligned!

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