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    • Tracy Lilley is the friend that we would all love to have. Her authenticity and wisdom draws you into her world and keeps you there. She is a heart worker, a role model and a mentor to many.

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    • Ps Vanessa Hoyes | Resurgent Church, Montreal

      "Not everyone can be both a great leader and an effective coach. The blend is rare. Tracy is one of the finest leaders I know. She stands in her own voice with such strength, clarity, passion and integrity. She is also, though, a gifted and learned coach. She cares deeply about the well being of everyone she knows. She lives with a conviction about the power of the latent potential in every individual and is as equally convincing in her steps to help people live out their full potential. Its an honour to be on this life-journey with her"

    • Ps Jane Evans | Influencers Church Atlanta USA, Adelaide Aus

      Tracy has a magnetic quality that only true relationship with God brings to the human heart, she is one of the best 'thinkers' I know, but don't be fooled she is far from a theorist! She is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ who lives out each day in each circumstance, with the same vigor and passion that she desires for your life. Many people have offered to be a mentor and coach, and seriously, there are very few that actually can or do. Tracey is one of those few.

    • Ps Englyn Adu Mutty | Paradise Church, Bali

      I have known Tracy since I was 13 years old. She has the ability to enter any culture and bring life with her beautiful confidence, always representing and introducing Kingdom culture.
      My husband and I are now Senior Pastors of Paradise Church in Bali Indonesia. We are blessed to have Tracy as a part of our Leadership Team. She has the capacity to be my best friend and my leadership coach. She is a keeper for sure!
    • Ps Darlene Partin | Shoreline Church, Destin, Florida

      Over the past year or so, my life has taken on more focus on who I was created to be, which has given me courage, joy and peace. Thank you, Tracy for giving me the framework to discover my ideal life. Your insight and thought provoking questions have inspired me to dig deep into my purpose and have revealed the values that are now guiding my life. The process has been incredibly freeing and totally fun!

    • 4 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

       “But I have no choice”. A few years ago my husband Chris was working in a mine in Africa. Late one night he heard gunfire on the site. He followed protocol and locked down his room. A phone call told him that three had been killed and an Expatriate hostage had been taken. The gunmen now wanted

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      3 Must Have Friendships And How to Nurture Them.

      On our property in Australia there was no water so we had to drill a well. A hole drilled deep into the water table so that we could pump water up into our tank. Without water, living on our property would be impossible. The driller hit water at 27 meters. But my husband said drill deeper because he

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      The Zen of Self-Reflection: 4 Questions and 4 Tips

      Is it just me or is it way too easy to miss the important stuff in life? In the hustle and bustle of my full life I can so easily get consumed by the clutter of agendas and the noise of everyday chatter. Some days I find myself flying down the highway of life full speed, no time for pit stops.

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      How to Give Yourself Permission to Dream

      Someone once asked me "what are your three deepest desires"? And I drew a blank! It was not because I didn't have any deep desires. I drew a blank because I couldn't express them. Words to communicate what was planted deep within me proved illusive. I walked away from the conversation feeling like I

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      Toni Rehrmann: Some of my Favourite People Series

      I remember the first time that I met Toni. We were both at a swim school in Darwin, waiting for our kids to finish their training. We chatted briefly, she laughed with her eyes and I was smitten. I had no idea who this lovely engaging woman was but I very quickly slotted her in as one of the women I

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      7 Questions to Eliminate Elephants in The Room

      Perhaps Ignatius was onto something. The Apostle Paul reminds that that our faith, without action, is futile. So why do we find it so hard to step up and act? Let's talk about the two elephants that could be in the room. I love lifting the skirt on this one. Basically, our unredeemed

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      Tired of Stuck? 3 Ways to Get Moving

      Have you ever felt a bit stuck? If you are, you are not alone. So many women feel the same way. Committed to the routine of sameness, feeling stuck in a rut and on a road going nowhere fast. Living the fast life but not the full life. Trust me, you are not alone.   You are in very good company.

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      What to do When Shift Happens?

      Do you ever feel like all hell has broken loose? Have you ever felt backed into a corner with no room to breathe? What we see as opposition and containment, may actually be resistance to God orchestrated shift. Sometimes shift happens in ways that we don't expect. And yes, I am playing with words.

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      Ana West: Some of my Favourite People Series

      Introducing Ana West. It was inevitable that when doing a series on my favourite people that I would introduce you to this amazing woman. Ana has been in my world for over 14 years. I met Ana when I was four months pregnant with my second daughter Eden and her daughter Alesha was only four months

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      Rachel Munnich: Some of my Favourite People

      Enter my spunky friend Rachel Munnich. Hailing from Alice Springs in the heart of Australia, Rachel loves county music (Kieth Baby!), four wheel driving and camping. She is always the life of any party, and is convinced that a party is only a party if it has balloons.  Raised in a Christian home,

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